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  •  Leadership training that creates high performance teams
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  • Enhance interpersonal effectiveness skills in 3 months
  • Techniques to inspire others and lead the organization to success
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  • Stay engaged in your personal development, we add courses weekly!
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Individual Leaders

A leader can be the CEO of an organization, or a first year employee. If you’re invested in your organization’s success and enhancing your skills so you can contribute to that success, our leadership courses are for you. We focus on competency development at all levels of proficiency from the newbie to the most seasoned executive.


Research shows that only 27% of businesses equip their leaders for the future. Managing day to day tactical issues takes skills, and it doesn’t happen by chance. Many who are promoted into managerial roles because they were successful as an individual contributor, believe they may not have the necessary tools to succeed.


It’s just as important that teams empower all leaders to ensure everyone is moving toward shared goals. We develop team leadership skills (Social and Emotional Intelligence, Knowledge Enhancement and Transfer, Interpersonal effectiveness, Leading and Empowering staff, and Leveraging strengths to move the organization toward Success).


The most effective organizational leaders navigate complexity and activate internal networks to accelerate impact. For an organization to be successful ALL leaders must perform this way, but research shows that only 10% of leaders work this way. Leaders’ technical and functional competency alone will not move the organization to achieve results.


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Unless you want to fail as a leader, you have to do the work to enhance your skills. And if you want to rise into a leadership role, your technical and functional skills just aren’t enough. If you’re interested in your career, you have to enhance the skills that will get you noticed. Communication, decision making, problem solving, critical thinking, listening effectively, time management, negotiation, handling conflict, giving feedback, delegation, performance management, HR basics and much more, are skills you don’t acquire by chance, you acquire them by choice. So make the choice today to INVEST in YOU!

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7 Steps to Redefine, Reimagine, Rediscover Leadership


In the book, 7 Steps to Redefine, Reimagine, Rediscover Leadership, you’ll learn industry secrets and principles that the greatest leaders employ. You’ll learn proven strategies and use tools that will help you examine self and understand if you’re traveling down the path to greatness. Are you ready to take this journey? If so, we’re ready to take it with you and lead you to a life that can be more fulfilling than you can imagine. So it’s time to get UNSTUCK from your old thoughts of leadership and embrace a new age way of thinking.

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Marie – So I am not as Excel savvy as I need to be. Snapshot offered a course and I took it and was OH SO GLAD I did! I now have the basics down and even more info than I needed to help me better keep track of and offer information to my co-workers and agencies in a format that makes sense! I will definitely be taking more Snapshot courses in the near future!

Paulette – I work in corporate and the online training can be tedious and boring. I enjoyed the subjects and the visual presentation. I also liked that the course, Listening for Understanding, wasn’t long. I can’t wait until my next course!