Our competency framework guarantees results.

A Simple Process for Individuals, Teams and Organizations

1. Leadership Competency Assessment

ONE: Leadership Competency Assessment – Every participant can assess their proficiency (foundation, advanced, master) on the competencies that have been identified for their success. The competency self-assessment can be useful to help identify strengths and areas for improvement for the purpose of continuous learning. Also, those in management and leadership roles can use the self-assessment as a tool for coaching and mentoring their staff.

2. Leadership Enhancement Plan

TWO: Leadership Enhancement Plan – Once a leader has analyzed their proficiency levels within each competency, they can use Snapshot Training Academy’s competency development tool to identify the courses that will positively impact their learning new skills.  Working independently, with a coach or manager, the leader can identify courses that will help develop habits that can assist one in achieving their fullest potential.

3. Select and Enroll in Online Courses

THREE: Enroll in Courses – The only way to leverage the value and impact of Snapshot Training Academy’s competency and interpersonal skills courses is to enroll in one of our programs or stand-alone courses. Leaders can enroll as an individual and purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to all courses, or an organization can provide our program as a learning platform enterprise wide.

4. Rethink, Reimagine, Rediscover Leadership

FOUR: Rethink, Reimagine and Rediscover Leadership – Snapshot Training Academy challenges leaders to RETHINK traditional views of leadership, to REIMAGINE their leadership principles and reinvent their style to inspire a new generation of people. And we show leaders how to apply, from basic to the most advanced, leadership principles to REDISCOVER the joy and power of leading an organization.


Snapshot Corporate Membership Benefits

Learning Management

We create a branded learning platform that tracks student data.  You’ll enjoy the simplicity of the user interface and the ability to motivate students through videos, written lectures, quizzes and supplemental materials.  Join the Corporate Snappie Nation!

Custom Training

Your learners are unique, so you training should be also. We help you design and build custom learning solutions that maximize your staff’s performance.  We focus on developing training that will measurably impact the success of your organization.

Training Consulting

We provide a wide array of training consulting services including needs analysis and assessment, video and simulation development, instructional design and development, curriculum design and development and much more.

Skill Enhancement

There is no ROI if training doesn’t enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of your staff.  We develop an individualized performance enhancement map for each learner as the foundation, then provide applicable training and tools to ensure success.

Communities of Practice

Course participants participate in social learning through discussion boards, shared articles, ebooks, infographic tools, etc.  All course participants are encouraged through teaming and gamification to bring peers along through the learning process.

Coaches Corner

Sometimes you need a quick refresher when conducting a business activity, handling a difficult employee situation, or motivating and inspiring people to action. Our Coaches Corner has quick tips on how to handle everyday situations.

Latest Research

To help you stay up to date with the latest information, use Snapshot Training Academy as your one stop shop for employee training trends, learning and development strategies, employee engagement and other exciting news.

E-Book Library

We provide access to eBook content through our subscription services.  When you join the Corporate Snappie Nation your staff (they’ll be Snappie’s too) will have unlimited access to our entire library of business and career enhancing eBooks.

Reliable & Affordable

Organizations spend an average of $1,208 per employee for training, which is a critical investment for any organization. Isn’t your staff worth the investment? Get Snapshot Training for as little as $20 per person per month.  YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT!

Large or Small, We Have Something For Every Organization

We are here to help!

Our staff has over 50 years of experience in the field of learning, and are educated in psychology, learning and mind sciences. We not only have the education and the experience, but we’re creative in our delivery. Let Snapshot Training Academy help you create your branded University. Our team will work to produce the online video tutorials, courses and resource guides that will bring learning to your staff’s fingertips, 24/7. Learning anytime, anywhere.

Engagement & Professional Development
Professional Development just for the sake of it only waste the time and energy of your staff. That's why we're focused on providing courses that enhance your staff's ability to perform their job at an optimal level. We begin with an individualized performance measure and develop a customized performance enhancement map to enhance competency development. You'd be surprised, well, maybe not, that once your staff is armed with enhanced skills and knowledge, it's much easier to incorporate and apply what they've learned to help their team achieve their goals.
Extensive Tools and Resources
Do you need to find updated industry information on various career and Professional Development topics? Snapshot Training Academy's website can be your one stop shop for up to date industry information. That's right, we're doing all the research for you. Our Snappies have access to ebooks, management articles, leadership discussions, updated tools and templates, anything we can find that will provide a quick job aid or deeper insights. As organizational development professionals, we'll also provide information such as white papers and podcast that highlights relevant business, leadership, employee engagement and interpersonal skill ehancement industry insights.
Cost Savings
There are two distinct costs when providing Professional Development. The first is ACTUAL cost. The average company spends $1,208 per employee yearly on training. With our low cost option most companies pay as little as $20 per person per month. That's 1/5th of the total training budget to have 24/7 access to courses that gives valuable tips, tricks, strategies and templates your employees WILL ACTUALLY USE. The second is the negative cost of not investing in employee training. HR Magazine says companies that invest $1,500+ per employee yearly on training average 24% higher profit margins. That's easy math!
Networking and Peer Learning
Our workshops are designed to help individuals understand their current skills and identify areas for improvement which will enhance their capacity to lead. But we've identified that one of the most powerful ways to learn is through peer and social interaction. Through the use of social tools such as discussion boards, blogs and other methods, peers are able to assist each other as they collectively build their business and leadership skills. Snapshot Training Courses incorporate a facilitated, peer-to-peer learning approach that connects people interested in learning, sharing information, and supporting each other around a common theme.

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