Why is online training gaining in popularity?

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Internet connections, computers and smartphones have become faster and cheaper, providing easier access to online material and creating the potential to learn anytime, anywhere. Information the previously people had to seek out, now flows relentlessly to them. In the education and training world, lesson creation has become more commonplace and online storage has made retrieval cheap and easy. That’s where Snapshot Training Academy comes in.  “No, we didn’t create the wheel, but we’re definitely getting a spoke”, says Darrylyn Swift, Managing Director, or as she likes to call herself, Lead Lifetime Learner.  This technological transformation is making it easy for 24/7 at your fingertip learning.  You can be at home, at work, in the park, it’s truly an on the go learning environment today.  So, if trying to help learners assess information, make learning more engaging, and make it more portable than ever is a goal, Snapshot Training Academy is well on their way.

In the book “Liberating Learning,” Terry Moe and John Chubb, authors, say that this technological transformation is “reshaping the fundamentals of how human beings from every corner of the globe communicate, interact, conduct their business, and simply live their lives from day to day.”

It’s also changing the way they learn and we’re trying to help!

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