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My friends and family have asked me why I decided to launch Snapshot Training Academy.  It’s really a simple answer, well it’s two parts.

The first part involves my many years of experience in learning and development.  People need the time and a comfortable space to learn and it’s not always in a class setting.  They, or should I say WE, also need an opportunity to grow and develop into the people that we hope to be, and sometimes into the person we dare only dream about.  So here it is, Snapshot Training Academy, a low cost option for enhancing your skills in an environment where you can learn anytime, anywhere.

The second response is more personal.  I’ve worked hard throughout my life to make the organizations I’ve been associated with a success, and for the most part I can proudly say, I’ve done an outstanding job.  But when I was last faced with a challenge that seemed insurmountable and I wanted to step away from the comforts of a secure paycheck, I was frozen, paralyzed because of FEAR of the unknown.  I also knew that staying was not an option as it was an emotionally damaging experience for me (I don’t mind opening my heart to you).

So I turned to the advice of my father, who listened to me intently and intensely, then asked one question, “Are you a TRAVELER or a TRAILBLAZER?”   What did he mean?  His words spoke of my strength, my innovative spirit, my ability to inspire others, my tenacity, my will.  He said, “I’ve seen you work very hard for the past 30 or 40 years (he needs to not call me out like that), working hard to accomplish unthinkable goals for the companies you’ve worked for.  You’ve traveled from company to company, bringing your insight and your work ethic, and you’ve been very successful.  You’ve helped them build and you’ve helped them take down.  My question to you is – are you a traveler or a trailblazer?  You can continue to travel on the journey of success and build up for others, or you can be a trailblazer and blast a road that is only for you.”

WOW!  I remember those words and I remember my response.  I immediately broke into tears.  In his 79 years of living he has always been very proud of who I am and my abilities.  I remember when President Barack Obama was running for office, he so innocently and confidently said, “You should contact him and make sure he knows about you and what you’re capable of, he’ll surely want you on his team.”  So on that day, he struck a nerve and he, in his own way, challenged me to stop talking to others about living their greatness, but to be a trailblazer, and live my own.

So now you have it, the reason Snapshot Training Academy is here.  I ask that you fully support our efforts and our growth.  We will be providing many topics that are relevant, easily digestible and immediately applicable.  We’re invested in our growth, and we’re invested in yours.

Now I challenge YOU! Just as you can learn a new skill, you can LEARN to be GREAT!  It’s time to invest in YOU.  At Snapshot Training Academy we hope that you are inspired to be the best version of you, one that you only imagine exists. Chat with you later, Dee signature in orange and gold

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